Em Bm Am
I guess I thought his clothes and personal possessions
would somehow make me feel his presence.
But his mittens with mismatching thumbs are
dumb without his hands to animate them.
I guess in the same way i thought that if i lay myself down in this field something would be revealed
if i listen hard, i listen hard
Things are rarely as i expect
Echoing Hallmark card sentiments like
“Please accept our deepest sympathies”
and quotings with great regret
A lifetime of generating assets can be a real pain in the ass
Shifting through old boxes of shit in the garage
And when old people die there are no casserole and pies at the end of the rainbow
Just a lot of grown ups with wet eyes
Red faces and neck ties from ten years ago
On the last happy or sad occasion
And don' forget to get the good shirt laundered
I've squandered all my thoughtful words in the first third of my life
And i said i wasn't going to write anymore songs like this
I don't want to write anymore songs like this
I, I know
I know this the first of a thousand goodbyes
I, I know
I know this is the first of ten thousand goodbyes

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