The record version is essentially the same riff repeated over and over again.
When he plays it acoustically, the guitarist uses a lot of variants on G and C chords;
mostly hanging on a G. You'll be pretty safe sticking with G for the whole song and
just switching up to C on "the world is a ghetto" and "feel your sorrow" in the chorus.
Riff (play throughout):
E|---3-(repeat a lot)----|
G: 320033
C: x32010
Ghetto Heaven
The world is a ghetto
Freedom, oh yeah
Feel your sorrow
(Verse 1)
5:35 and I'm living senseless
Just another homie picking on the defenceless
Don't request yet, nothing really to mention
Lookin through the mirror and I'm making a censure
Whoa, black people in the morning breeze
Came around the corner and she caused me to freeze up
Ease up, watch how the world could tease us, ease us
But only G.O.D can please us
Hey, got my ride and my Momma's too
Show me how to roll without breakin the rules
Payin my dues, MC's droppin out choose
Decides to get with lyrical facts, don't stop
Whoa, black people time to shine
Everything is fine when you're losing your mind
I'm like a black alley cat, freestyle batter-up
Doesn't get better than that, is that a gat in the back?
(Verse 2)
And the Valkyrie's blood runs red through the halls of the dead
oh the warrior's blood runs red through the hearts of the dead
the Valkyrie's blood runs red through the halls of the dead
And the life you're been lookin for in the world that you live 2x
In the name, we were all born in the flame
Not the same, but under the moon on the desert plane
We roam, home, take the coast ghost
I saw with my naked eye, way to close now
I was the son of a man on a mission
Who worked with his hands and brought him the former land
In the inter-land, swingin the mic like an axe
With a fear in the atmosphere, layin down tracks

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