k-os (ft. Kevin Drew and Sam Roberts) – Valhalla

The record version is essentially the same riff repeated over and over again. When he plays it acoustically, the guitarist uses a lot of variants on G and C chords; mostly hanging on a G. You’ll be pretty safe sticking with G for the whole song and just switching up to C on “the worldContinue reading “k-os (ft. Kevin Drew and Sam Roberts) – Valhalla”

Ghostpoet – Liiines

Piano arranged for guitar. The entire song is D E B A using this pattern: D E B A E|——————————–| B|——————————–| G|—-7-7—–7-7—–7-7—–7-7-| D|—-7-7—–7-7—–7-7—–7-7-| A|-5——-7———————-| E|——–(0)——7——-5——| I keep on scribbling In the spare room Im living in Bodys here but Im living in Why do I keep wasting time I keep on writing, writing But themContinue reading “Ghostpoet – Liiines”

Citizen Cope – More than it Seems

Citizen Cope/Clarence Greenwood has a very restrained playing style in that he rarely plays full chords. Most of the guitar work in this song is with thirds; you can try these chords: G: 320xxx / 325xx C: x320xx / x325xx A: 542xxx The entire song is: G C A G Lyrics: Your so Pure(ah) YourContinue reading “Citizen Cope – More than it Seems”