Ani DiFranco & Utah Phillips – “Korea” (bass guitar tab)

This one's really simple, but one of my favourite bass riffs.




And I watched her through the rain coming through the ceiling and thought back to Salt Lake; and my father, Sid, who ran the Capitol Theatre. It was a movie house, but it had been an old vaudeville house, and he wanted to bring live performances back to the Capitol. In 1948, he invited Marian Anderson to come and sing there. And I remembered we went to the train station to pick her up and took her to the biggest hotel in town—the Hotel Utah—but they wouldn’t let her stay there because she was black. And I remember my father’s humiliation, and her humiliation, as I saw her singing there through the rain.

And I realized right then; I said “Brenden right then, I knew that it was all wrong; that it all had to change. And that that change had to start with me.”

Utah Philips

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